They say that time will heal my heart
I found this is not so.
You see, with you, my heart went, too
So many months ago.

They say I must get over this,
I have a life to live.
You are my life, and to have you back,
Oh, what I would not give.

They say that you are happy now,
In a better place than I.
This, my son, I know is true
As tears fall from my eyes.

They say that you can hear me now,
I hope that it is true.
I look and listen, day and night
For just a glimpse of you.

They say to give it all to God
Do it without delay.
But isn't that just what I did
One year ago, today

                Love, Mom


Dear Billy,


It has been one year since that fateful day.
The day you had to leave us for your place in Heaven.

One year since we've felt that wonderful enveloping hug
Or since we’ve seen that humorous, questioning shrug.

Never could we ever have imagined that we would be in a place
To have only memories and pictures
to replace the sight of that marvelous smile on your face.

To some, it should be better now, this agony of grief
But there is nothing really, that brings real relief.

We go on, put on a smile and make the best of each day
But never is there a moment we're not missing you
or sending thoughts your way.

Do you watch over us from your Heavenly height?
Are you really with us when we cry in the night?

We so badly need to hear your voice from above
One that will tell us you're okay and surrounded by love.

Oh, my precious one, we will always love and miss you so
Until it is also at last, our time to go.

Love Mom, Dad

            Jim, Joe & Robert



We started the day by attending the Pearl River Little League Opening Day Ceremonies. We had been invited to attend because they were presenting the first William Kayser Championship trophy to the winners of last years championship.  After a beautiful speech given by one of Billy's former coaches we presented the trophy to Gerry Cowen who happens to be another of Billy's coaches.  Gerry then presented the trophy back to us which we are most grateful to him for.  Then they announced that they were naming the AAA field after Billy.  The field will be dedicated to him on the opening day of the Pearl River Little League Billy Kayser tournament.  It was such a wonderful surprise to us. We are so grateful to all who made this happen.  After the ceremonies we had a memorial mass for Billy.  The mass was beautiful and there was standing room only.  Msgr. O'Keefe did a wonderful job in capturing the essence of who Billy is and what he would want for us.  After communion my cousin sang Centerfield,  by John Fogerty (with music changed to be more appropriate for church). The song was beautiful and the perfect song to be sung at Billy's mass.  After mass we went to the cemetery to visit Billy, where we said prayers read poems and then released about 100 blue balloons inscribed with "WE LOVE YOU BILLY" on them. Everyone watched as the balloons went up to Billy with our message. 

It was beautiful and we thank all who attended to help us through such a tough day.



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Pearl River Little League Opening Day Ceremony Speech
given by Al Damiani

This next trophy is in honor and memory of Billy Kayser, a very special young man, who we prematurely lost exactly one year ago today.

Before we make the presentation, I’d like to share a few of my memories of Billy.

In 1994, Billy’s first year in the Pearl River Little league he was a member of the AAA Knights and I was fortunate
enough to be the manager of the team. In addition, a few years later Billy was on the Yankees in the majors, a team
on which I was also a coach. A few days ago I was looking through my sons old team photos and came across the 1994
Knights team photo and there was Billy front and center with the biggest and brightest smile of anyone in the picture.
And as I think back, he was always smiling- he always seemed to be having a good time which rubbed off on everyone
around him. He was every coaches dream player, not because of his abilities, which were excellent, but because of his
personality, and love of the game. His enthusiasm for learning and competing were infectious- there was not a position
Billy wouldn’t try because to Billy it meant he was playing and that’s all that really mattered to him. I never had to tell
Billy to play harder or hustle more, in fact at times I had to explain to Billy that a 100% effort was good enough. His
teammates loved him because he always found a way to make them laugh or lighten the mood even when things weren’t
going exactly our way.

As a coach for many years, and I’m sure many of the coaches out here today can relate to this, there are a lot of kids you come in contact with over the years. Some you forget as time goes on because they were just good average kids who didn’t really stand out; others you remember but you really want to forget because they gave you a few unwanted gray hairs, and then there are those you’ll always remember because of that special something about them that you can’t quite put your finger on but somehow they made a lasting impression on you. Billy was that type of person and Diane and Jimmy you should be extremely proud of the fine young man you raised. He touched more people in his short time with us than many people do in a full lifetime.

 In closing, I would like to quote from the eulogy read at Billy's funeral by his Uncle Tommy, which is posted on the website that Diane and Jimmy have created in honor of Billy- I encourage everyone to visit the site, as it is a beautiful tribute to Billy’s life. I think the following captures the essence of who Billy was:

Billy is a light in our lives

Let's challenge ourselves to keep Billy's light always burning, always shining.  Brightly, Even bright enough to be a bit annoying from time to time---Just so we know that it's really him.

Keep Billy's light burning. Translate those memories into an energy that drives your own appreciation of this life. However you interpret it and execute it, keep his light burning. Live this life. Be full of life like Billy is. Smile Billy's smile.

Keep it burning by cherishing this life, by coveting this life, by grasping it with a firm hand and then caressing it with great care.  Never, ever be careless with life.

Diane and Jimmy, this memorial trophy is the Pearl River Little Leagues way, albeit it small, of trying to keep Billy’s light burning.


Below is a letter that was left for Billy

A year has passed and the days gone by,
I still pray to God and ask Him why.
I still have sleepless nights in which I cry.
Not a day passes without vivid thoughts of you in my mind.
And with these thoughts and memories, comfort I find.
And with each day comes a new struggle, none any easier than the last,
For I find myself yearning, still longing for the past
A past when we still had tomorrow and our today was so bright,
A past where your departure was no where in sight.
Sometimes I close my eyes and I drift away,
To a time when we’re driving, singing to the CD’s we’d play.
But as I open my eyes your voice tapers away,
And I am left speechless, with nothing to say.
I know there must be a reason for why your life He did take.
I know there must be a purpose for the hearts He did break.
But until my questions are answered I will take solace in my faith,
I will live each day with thankfulness, appreciation and grace.
I will cherish the seconds, the days, the years
I will hold on to memories, and hold back the tears.
I love you and miss you, and I know this is but only a temporary end,
For one day in Heaven I will see my friend.

                                                I  Love You and Miss You,


Thank you Saralyn







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