Happy 25th Birthday, Billy!
May 27, 2011

You're always in our hearts, my son,
Since you left us here,
But especially now, in spring time,
As Memorial Day draws near.

For always, on this special day,
It's YOU we celebrate:
Your smile, your hugs, your laughter--
The things that made you great!

And, as we reach this milestone,
We wonder who you'd be--
A teacher of young athletes?
A man with a family?

We'll never know what might have been,
You left us much too soon;
But it's YOUR face and smile we see
In every bright balloon.

You're with us as we celebrate;
Your joy of life lives on,
Filling every day we live,
Lighting every dawn.

And so, throughout the years ahead,
We'll always know you're near,
Delighting in your birthday joy
As we celebrate each year.

Written with love for all of Billy's family,
May 27, 2011,
by Saralyn McAfee Smith

Thank you Donna for the beautiful gift

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