In my dreams you're here with me
Walking in sweet reveries
Footsteps made are there to see
Yet both are one in unity
You have made my life so clear
Like sparkling waters always near
That softly trickle down in rhyme
That fill my mind with happy times
Within the light of where we walk
In sacred places that we talk
I hear you and I feel your touch
The gentleness I need so much
Here within the dreams we share
Nature's love cannot compare
For everything in life we savor
Love we share shall never waiver.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Šused with permission, Sept., 2004.

Read more of her poetry here.


A Patch of Blue

You're with me like a breath of air
As peaceful as a morning prayer
That captures all my love to share
My thoughts of you are always there

Within a field of flowers bright
I see you in a special light
Within the sky a touch of blue
Shall always make me think of you

A breeze that flows within my path
I feel your love will always last
In rainbows that will fill the sky
Their colors give a gentle sigh

Forever you will always be
The one who lives on constantly
Within our life and when it ends
Our paths will surely meet again

A patch of blue that's meant to be
Will last for all eternity
For you are always in my sight
Each waking day and silent night

In all life's patterns that we share
Your fabric is the one I wear
With gentleness and love unspoken
Our weave in life is never broken.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright April 2, 2007
(written exclusively for Billy)

Though your smile is gone forever,
And your hand we cannot touch,
Still we have so many memories,
Of the ones we loved so much.
Your memory is our keepsake,
With which we'll never part,
God has you in His keeping,
We have you in our hearts.

We Love and Miss you just as much
on your 4th Angelversary as we did
on your first.

Love Mom, Dad,
Jimmy, Joey & Robert

To Diane and ANGEL Billy

I still can't believe
You are not here
You were the one thing
I always held dear

My days are so lonely
My nights are the same
I just can't help
But to mention your name

Mom I am with you
In what ever you do
Although you can't see me
I will never leave you

I have met so many Friends
And I have learnt so much
It is so beautiful here
But Mom I do miss your touch

Please believe me Mom
I am just away for a while
And until that day we meet again
I want to contnue to see you smile

Written By
Sue-Anne Aguilera~~~Lee'sMom




Thank you Beth

Thank you Saralyn for the 2 gifts above

Thank you Polly

Thank you Susie

Thank you Ann

Thank you Judy

Thank you Cindy Jo

Thank you Karen

Thank you Judi

Thank you Judy for the 3 gifts above

Thank you Linda

Thank you Carolyn

Thank you Christine

Thank you Lynn

Thank you DJ for the 2 gifts above

Thank you Carol

Thank you Van

Thank you Mel

Thank you Angie

Thank you Kris

Thank you Lori



Song playing is Too Young To Go
Performed by Laurie Broadway
Composed for and Dedicated to
the Loving Memory of
Sean Hargreaves
1988 - 2006
Ryan Music Inc.