Five years have now passed,
Your memory yet lasts,
So deeply etched in our minds;

Our love lives on
Even though you are gone
Our hearts forever entwined.

Written for Billy
Love always

For Billy
On His 5th Angelversary
April 3, 2008

Five long years have come and gone
Without your smile or touch,
Five long years of missing you,
The son we love so much.

In many ways, time's stopped for us,
For we seem frozen in place,
Wishing we could hold you again,
Or see your smiling face.

In other ways, the time's brought change,
And all your friends have grown,
Some to graduate this year
Others to jobs have flown.

We're glad your friends are doing well,
We always tell them so,
But they don't know the pain we feel,
When they turn and go.

For we still wish that you were here,
And changing, like your friends,
Like them, to graduate this spring,
Like them, new jobs to tend.

We'd love to hold you just once more,
And tell you of our love,
For we didn't get to say goodbye,
Before you went above.

But always, we are mindful, son,
That you now live in Heaven;
And always, we are grateful, too,
For the life that you were given.

We can't help wishing you'd not gone,
And wishing you still here,
But always we will love you, son,
Forever you'll be dear.

Please visit us in dreams at night,
Or send us signs by day,
To help us make it through the time
That you must be away.

You're always in our hearts, my son,
And someday, in God's time,
We'll be united once again,
And know true joy sublime.

Written for
Diane, Jimmy, and Family with great love,
Saralyn McAfee Smith

Tenderly we treasure the past,
Memories that will always last;
When we cease to think of you,
Will be when God has called us too.

Billy you are always in our hearts
we Love and Miss you
so very much
Love Mom, Dad
Jimmy, Joey & Robert

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