Thank you to everyone who has been there for us every step of this new path we are on.  We are finding that it is a very difficult road to travel but with friends like all of you it is just a little easier.  Your prayers, cards and calls mean a lot to us.  Sometimes when a day is not going so well the phone will ring and it will be a friend with comforting words that are so helpful.   We will never forget everything all of you have done for us and for Billy since that horrible day. You sat with us, cried with us and shared memories and stories with us.  Those were gifts that no one else could give us.  You helped with whatever needed to be done, from the smallest to the largest task.  You took it all on without question. You were all there for us then and now for whatever we needed.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We will never forget all you have done.


To the Pearl River Community,

 On Thursday, April 3, our family suffered an immeasurable loss with the passing of Billy, our 16-year old son. Immediately, we were inundated with the loving support of the extended Pearl River community, which somehow always rises to meet the challenges of such awful circumstances. There are no sufficient words to accurately convey the depth of our gratitude to all of you. We’re both lucky and proud to be among you.

 The cards, notes, flowers, candles, gift baskets, trays & trays of food, tears, hugs, prayers, and heartfelt words of condolence meant so much to us and will be forever remembered. The turnout at the services are a testament not only to Billy’s popularity but also to the genuine closeness of our caring community. It would be impossible to name each and every one of you who touched our family with such compassion, but we know who you are (and you know who you are).  Several entities and individuals merit public mention, however, for their deeds must be made aware to the rest of the community. They include:

 *The Orangetown and Clarkstown Police Departments, for their kindness and consideration in serving our family and the community;

 *The Pearl River PTA, for its practical and moral support of our family and the children of the Pearl River School District;

 *St. Margaret’s Church and School, for spiritually guiding us through this ordeal with dignity and grace;

 *The many ambulance corps members, paramedics, police, EMTs and STAT flight staff for their selfless, heroic efforts in responding and in trying to save Billy;

 *The doctors, nurses, and staff of the emergency room and the PACU unit at Westchester Medical Center for their care of Billy and their compassion for us;

 *The New York Organ Donors Network, for the great work that they do and the sensitivity with which they do it; and for their allowing Billy to continue to live and to give that rarest of gifts—the gift of life—to others;

 *The local and regional media for their sensitivity and respect in covering this tragedy;

*Bill Harris of the Pearl River volunteer fire department for taking the time to personally notify us of Billy’s accident, and for arranging immediate police transportation for us to the hospital;

 *Detective (“Coach”) Jim Neeck for his tireless effort in making sure that everyone in the family and the community is “allright”. (You are a great friend, confidant, and shoulder to lean on.)

 To them, and to all in the community, we say Thank  You and God Bless You.


 Diane and Jimmy Kayser and Family



To Billy's  friends

You mean the world to us.  We love you all and thank you for loving Billy so very much.  He loved you all so much and talked about you guys all the time.  Please stay in touch with us whenever you can.  It is so nice to see you when you stop by for a visit.  It brings a little of Billy back into our lives.  And Please keep those stories coming, they mean more to us than anything anyone could ever give us, except to have Billy back.



To Helen

Thank you for all those marathon phone calls.  You were the only one I could talk to and you always said the right things.  You really helped me and continue to help me over the rough times.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I think about you often and Alicia is in our thoughts and prayers always.


Alicia  T. Brady

May 7, 1976 - February 26, 1992



To Ralph

Thank you for your unending support of our family.  You made it easier for me knowing that while Jimmy was at work you were always there for him.  We will always keep Marla in our prayers.

Marla Dickerson



To Jim

Thank you for always being there for my entire family and for all Billy's friends.

  Without you I don't know how they could have dealt with this. 

You were the shoulder to cry on, and always willing to listen whenever I needed to vent. 

That means a lot to me.  We love you.

Stay safe while you are away in Germany.

We miss you.




To Dr. Larsen and the staff at Westchester Medical and STAT Flight

Thank you so much for all you did for Billy while he was there, and thank you for caring so much that you would put together a wonderful program to help other kids understand the dangers of unsafe driving.



Dear Friends,

 On April 3, 2003 the unimaginable was presented to our family in a sudden and cruel way: The loss of our 16-year old son, Billy, has left us with a gaping wound that we know will never completely heal.  Recently, though, we were given a very special

gift--one that showed us that, although Billy can never be replaced, the spirit that

Billy left on this earth is very much alive and well.  This gift was given to us on

September 6, 2003 when The Billy Kayser "Witness to Hope" family picnic was held.   What began as an idea from the St. Margaret School Class of 2000 grew into an effort of proportions that reached throughout, and even beyond, our great community.  The many hours and donations made this fundraiser a huge success.

Words cannot express our gratitude to all our friends, Billy's friends and all the volunteers who worked tirelessly for months making phone calls, securing donations, selling raffle and picnic tickets and countless other jobs that were required to organize such an event.

We are also extremely grateful to all who donated to this cause.  Without their generosity the success achieved would not have happened.

The picnic itself was just so wonderful--a real testament to the noble efforts of all involved.  The weather was beautiful (which of course was Billy's doing...he would never allow it rain on his parade). We couldn't have asked for things to go better.  Being with old friends and new ones and watching everyone ---especially all the kids--working together to make sure everything went right was beautiful. Seeing how many people really cared was a great comfort to our entire family.  It makes us so proud to know that Billy touched so many people in such a positive way.  This kind of caring and support is what helps us get through such a difficult time. 

 Our greatest fear is that people will forget Billy as time goes on, but the endless hours and hard work of so many made it possible for us to keep his light shining for many, many years through grants and scholarships in his name.  It also showed us just how much he was loved by everyone   We were truly in awe of the outpouring of love and support by so many.

Our heartfelt gratitude and love go out to all involved in this great effort.

Diane, Jimmy,
Jimmy, Joey & Robert Kayser



Thank You Saralyn Smith for your help in getting me started on Billy's website.

Your kind words and advice was invaluable to me.


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