Billy at 3 months old





                                                                       Billy always acting buff  








                                                                   Always thinking





                                                                                                          Billy & Anthony at Yankee Stadium

                                               Billy & Mommy




At the beach


                            Billy & Minnie at Disney





                                                                                                                         Billy with his brothers Jimmy, Joey & Robert

                                                                                                                            This picture was my mother's day 2001 present
















                           Billy & Jesse at Howe's Cavern          





                                                                                                             Billy, Jesse, Robert & John at Howe's Cavern




                                                                                                             After a long day of golf  (2002)












                                                                                                                               Billy at Universal Studios











Freshman Class trip to Great Adventure









                                                                                                                        Billy with Robert and Dad in Rhode Island



All of us at MGM Studios


Billy & Erin


Billy, Joey, Robert, mom & dad at Niagara falls




                                Billy with grandpa, TJ & Robert for a day of skiing

                                                                                                                      St. Margaret School class trip



Billy & his best friend Eamon

St. Margaret School graduation June 2000




                                      The Gang - Thanksgiving 2002


                                                     Billy's Favorite Pastime (when not playing sports)



                                                     Christmas at grandma's

















 Goofing around at Grandma's



We always told him someone would put him in  a locker

Hockey Hall of Fame - Toronto






                   Billy & Michelle at a Sweet Sixteen party






                                                                                                                        Billy, TJ & Robert at Universal Studios





Billy's Communion


















The Song Playing is "Not A Day Goes By" by Lonestar