For Billy on His 22nd Birthday

Another birthday's here, my son,
Which means another year
Has come and gone without your smile,
Another filled with tears.

And this should be a special time
With college grad time near,
A time to celebrate with friends,
A time for fun and cheer.

Your classmates will all wear their gowns
And toss their caps on high,
Their parents will be filled with joy,
But we'll just breathe a sigh.

We may still have a party,
And I may bake a cake,
But we won't see your smiling face
Or happy pictures take.

Still, never will this day come 'round
When we don't think of you,
Remembering all the special things
You always used to do.

And May 27th will always be
A very precious day,
Sacred to the memory
Of the son who couldn't stay.

You'll never be forgotten
And this day will always be
A cause for celebration
And happy memories.

Written for Diane, Jimmy, and Family with great love,
Saralyn McAfee Smith
May 27, 2008

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