Billy's Poem

Once upon a time in a land of love, laughter & joy,
There lived Billy Kayser, a cute, smiling, young boy.
With short dark hair & a smile that reached his brown eyes,
Combined with good looks, all made Billy a prize.
On May 27th, ’86 to Jimmy & Diane,
Billy was born into a very special clan.
Two older brothers at home awaited the day
That Mom & Dad would bring Billy home with them to play.

After Billy, one more brother would join them to make 4 boys under their roof.
But who knew then that Billy would be the biggest of goofs?
The oldest was Jimmy, then Joey, Billy & Rob.
Of all 4, Billy thought himself the hottest heartthrob.
Now Billy’s extended family was large & quite loud.
And for Billy, they were grateful, and of him, quite proud.
First, Jimmy’s parents - Grandma Alice & Pop Pop Louie, they were called.
And so many aunts, uncles & cousins, we surely can’t name them all.

There was Grandma & Grandpa on Mom Diane’s side.
Love, strength & support they would always provide.
Diane had two sisters, Billy’s aunts, as it was.
With Rosanne, Lucille & their families, the place was always a buzz.
Aunt Rosanne & Uncle Tommy had two of their own.
T.J. & Christina, as they were known.
Aunt Lucille & Uncle Rob had two children to complete this fine crew.
Anthony & Daniella were their names – now we’re done with who’s who.

Billy had so many special traits, can we name each & every one?
He was witty, caring & happy, and especially fun.
A joker who liked to laugh at himself as much as the next guy.
Billy was sincere, outgoing & mischievious, and a terrific ally.
Though quite lazy, especially when it came time for chores,
Billy was into sports & his looks, both which he simply adored.
Billy had an infectious smile that lit up the room.
And was there mischief behind it? One could only assume.

Good with young kids, and competitive too,
Billy’d compete in anything, just so he could outdo.
Yet, when the time came, he’d “eat his hat”, as they say,
For Billy’s cockiness was an act, just a role that he’d play.
In truth, Billy had a light-hearted approach to life & all that it brought.
Laughter, good times & HIS way was all that he sought.
This “jacked” teen was a “noodge” who would pester ‘til your answer was yes.
What he wanted changed each day – one only could guess.

A die-hard Yankee fan, he loved baseball above all of the rest.
As player or spectator, Billy thought baseball the best.
Billy was starting 1st baseman for Varsity Pearl River Pirates.
He worked baseball clinics & he made power hits!
Then there was golf – favorite sport #2.
He loved to play a round & show you what he could do.
A natural athlete, Billy excelled at it all.
And though he played roller hockey, he only watched the game of football.

Bocci was a recreational sport, just family fun.
And Billy liked nothing better than saying he’d won!
Billy caddied & worked as a camp counselor too.
He was a St. Margaret’s altar boy & what else did he do?
Billy liked to bet on anything, no matter big or small.
For money or for fun, he’d bet on it all.
A red Mitsubishi 3000 GT –
That was his favorite car, as all would agree.

What else did he love? Friends & family, of course.
And especially food – Billy ate like a horse!
There was never enough food, or so it seemed.
When Billy was near, food was the main theme.
Finally, Billy’s love for money was great.
One would have thought he’d grow up to be a magnate.
Knowing Billy’s great love for life, no one could believe
That God found it necessary for Billy to leave.

On the cusp of seventeen, Billy left school on a break.
This small, simple act would cause a lifetime of heartache.
On April 2, ’03, Billy’s life & those of his family & friends
Took a tragic turn which no one will ever comprehend.
Billy was lost to his loved ones the following day.
All that was left was pain & suffering that would not go away.
Though the pain that we speak of still lasts since Billy did depart,
The memories of him live on in everyone’s hearts.

These memories can sustain the joy that Billy brought everyone.
Memories of this friend, brother, nephew, cousin & son.
Billy was someone special to each person he met.
He touched countless lives, lives now touched with regret.
His best friend was a boy who Billy loved like a brother.
To Billy, Eamon Brady was a friend like no other.
To his family & others, there are memories galore.
Of this great guy that everyone did adore.

The number 27 & Billy are now like one & the same.
27 was his birthdate. With or without his name,
People know it means Billy. Now add the rest -
The design of two bats & a baseball make this logo the best.
Through keychains, decals & signs, emblems & more,
Billy will always be remembered, more than ever before.
Tournaments, a ball field & a scoreboard sign in his name.
The community of Pearl River will never be the same.

His friends held a birthday memorial on the day
He should have turned 17, but that day was taken away.
On his graduation day, they left Billy a chair.
And no doubt, he watched over, wishing he could share
In that special time of which he missed out.
Heavy hearts filled the room, of that there’s no doubt.
But let’s stick to the memories that will always make us smile.
Like slings & white mice – that was Billy’s style.

He’d beg to sleep over his aunts’ homes, anytime that he could.
For it meant he’d get out of his chores, which always was good.
Aunt Rosie, Uncle Tommy, Grandma & kids all shared a fun day with Billy.
In a Camden Yards VIP box with free food, he acted so silly.
Or Aunt Lucille & family took Billy to see the Yanks.
Billy wanted it all, even if it meant breaking the bank.
Memories of Disney will be cherished –being together was the best
There were rides, food, fun & more food, not to mention the rest!

Billy loved to let his belly hang out for everyone to see –
Whether spelling out YANKEES or in a hula skirt, it was a sight, you’d agree.
And the “oshkishlitis” he “suffered” from would help in times of need.
Could he get out of practice with it? Yes, he’d often succeed.
His famous words were “Take me…” ANYWHERE.
Or “I got dollars” was something he liked to declare.
Billy lived life as if knowing his time here was short.
So he enjoyed every day & was a very good sport.

Today, Billy’s spirit joins family & friends in heaven.
No doubt he’s still wearing his infamous twenty-seven.
He’s with his brother Thomas now, who never had time on earth.
For Thomas was lost to his family upon his sad birth.
We pray for the strength needed to get through each day,
For those loved ones remaining have pain that will not go away.
There will always be sorrow for this boy who they love.
And the man he should have become, he is now, up above.

Copyright © Angel-Kissed Impressions™ 2004-All Rights Reserved.

The song playing is 'Never Be Forgotten' by Jessica Andrews