Class of 2004



"The Final Diploma"

Graduation...a time for joy...and for some...a time for sorrow.
To Graduate...means going from one stage in our lives to another.
For many that means to graduate from high school or college...
But for some means to graduate to Heaven instead.

Graduation they a time for change...whether we are ready for it or not.
Some now wear a halo...where as others wear a graduation cap.
Some will walk across the stage and get their diploma...others now have wings to fly.
But...both are very proud of their accomplishments in life....and their family and friends are too.
They are still a part of this graduating class....and I hope and pray they will be remembered.

And to those of us left behind....We are the ones who have become truly educated....
We have learned so much about's important...and what's not.
We have been taught that every day is a blessing...and we need to make every second count.
And as another year goes marks the end of a stage in our journey of lifelong learning.
We hold tight to a past full of rich precious memories....

Memories that will carry us into the future.

The past is a time for reflection and cherished memories...these will all help carry us forward...
The future is a time for our hopes, our dreams and our inspirations.
We do not need to let go...even though they have graduated to Heaven..
For they are still with us....and will follow us into the future....
And will ALWAYS be a part of our hopes, our dreams, and our inspirations.

We take with us what we have learned....and what we hold close to our hearts.
We need to thank those who have been by our sides....held our hands...and helped us along...
Those who have listened without telling us to get over it....those who have tried to understand.
For without all of you and God......who knows where we would be.
So to those who have been there for know who you are...I thank you with all my heart.

As our children, our heroes, graduate to a higher level...and get their "Final Diploma"...
The importance of life...and what we have learned...will never be forgotten.
For their names are engraved forever in our hearts...and forever in our memories.
They are the breath within us that give us courage to follow our hearts...
Whether here on Earth or in Heaven above...their voices will always live on...



 Copyright June 2001  Written by :
Laura/Heavenly Lights Childrens Memorial
Library of Congress TX5-627-966
Unauthorized reprinting of this poem in any form
is prohibited without the prior consent of the author.
All rights reserved.


Hello to all my classmates!

I know graduation's here,

And though I'm now in heaven,

To me you're all still dear.


I graduated early---

God wanted me above---

But my heart's still with my classmates

And I watch you all with love.


Though maybe your eyes won't see me

As you march across that floor,

Please know I'm marching proudly

With our Class of 2004!


Love Billy


By Saralyn McAfee Smith



Parents' all around me, talking about the big day and all the expense
I can not tell if they are bragging or complaining,
 But the glow shows on their faces.
waiting for the class of 2004 to walk across the stage.

 The Graduates will line up
and walk down the isle,
Some will have serious faces,
 some a little smile. will they think of him

 My son's face will not be coming down the isle
This is his class,
It was to be his Graduation.

He will not walk across the stage,
he will not wear a cap and gown,
 or toss his cap into the air to watch it fall to the grown
I cannot go to this 2004 graduation
A tug in my heart tells me,
HE will not be there, His death will be real.

 He resides with Jesus now, I wonder if he will celebrate
the class of 2004
will they feel his presence there.
Oh please let them think of him, just for a moment,
 I hope that they have one moment of silence for him
since he will not join them June 24, 2004

Memory's and what should have been, will cloud my mind
This is a happy day for all, So I cannot go, feeling so blue.
I'll be sick, This I know is true.
How could I smile and give hugs to his friends?
My heart will fill with resentment and confusion.
My heart will break again, How many more times will my heart be ripped from me?
How much more can I bare?

 written May 16, 2004

In Memory of Dustin James Ellis

By: His Mother




Forever sixteen with angel wings,

No breaths to take, no songs to sing,

You watch us closely from above,

We write to you with all our love.

Some knew you well, some not at all,

Still everyone dreaded that telephone call.

People who never prayed did that night,

As you were guided by heaven's celestial light.

Peacefully you sleep, in eternal rest,

Memories of you pang in our chest.

A young life taken too soon we know,

But God works mysteriously; it was your time to go.

We will miss you always, and your memory remains,

You're in a better place now, without suffering or pain.

We remember fondly the smiles your presence used to bring,

You are forever sixteen, with angel's wings.


written by

Bridget Emsworth

a Pearl River High School student




"The Wall" painted by the Class of 2004

"Angel in the Outfield"


On Graduation morning the Senior Class of 2004 dedicated a bridge they built, along with help from many, in honor of Billy. The bridge links the baseball field that Billy loved to the community he lived in.

Memorial Bridge joins Pearl River





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