When I think of Billy Kayser, I first think of a young man who was always smiling. Every time I saw him, he had this mischievous grin on his face. He was always excited about something that he was doing at the time and you always knew when he walked into a room, because it always took on this brightening glow. Billy Kayser would get your attention in any way that he could. He was the consummate “nudge. He would incessantly talk about sports, school, his friends, anything! Even when he saw that you may have been occupied with something else, he would keep talking, until you paid attention to him again. He was always in competition with you. He was always stronger, better looking, smarter, and more athletic than anyone who you could possibly imagine. Why, because he was Billy Kayser. He loved to snap on you and was often the victim of your snaps on him, but he always came back for more, in his good-hearted way. He wasn't fat, had huge guns, was always “going to work out”, at least “tomorrow”, and he loved life. When he would visit me at my office at school, he would always get onto my computer and show me his fantasy league players, from whatever sports season it was. He would tell me who he was going to trade for and ask for my opinion, but he really knew what he was talking about. He would play video games and talk. He would call me “Pig” and “Bacon” and talk about the Police, but he would also ask me if I was going to be activated in the Army Reserves for the War in Iraq.

Last summer, Billy gloated when I stopped by with the police car at the Lincoln Avenue School, where he could show me how he could hit a tennis ball over the school roof. You could see how happy he was and how the younger kids really loved him. He was so much fun to be around! He would also want to sit in the police car and feel the air conditioning and play with the siren, which I let him. We talked about his learner's permit and how afraid that I was that he was going to be on the road with all of us. Again, he always shot back with some retort. He always left me with a smile on my face.

I have known Billy since his St. Margaret's days, when I would visit the school as a Youth Officer and he was so excited that I remembered him from his brothers and their hockey days with me at PRHS. Again, always smiling. In his short life, Billy made a delible impact on the lives of many people, myself included. I was lucky enough to have told Billy that I loved him, one day, while he was in my office. I told him that I was glad that he was my friend and that I felt good, when he visited me, and that I was proud of how he was doing. I also know that Billy loved me too, by the way that he interacted with me. He liked to “hangout” with me, and it seemed like he was always happy to see me, except, of course, when I was coaching first base for Tappan Zee's Baseball team.

It seems like a cliché, but although I have worked with a lot of kids over my career, Billy Kayser will always remain as one of my favorites. He brought his love, his goodness, his great sense of humor, and his zest for life into my life, and I will forever be grateful for knowing him. (And his family). I will never forget him.

Jim Neeck

Thought Running Through my Head

I met you the summer before 8th grade
I never dreamed I could be this afraid.
I never met a person with such a beautiful smile,
A smile that started here went on for over a mile.
Billy you were like a brother to me,
I never could imagine this is how the end could be.
The other night I had a dream,
Where during lunch we went to get ice cream.
At the end of the dream we went back to school,
Why couldn't this just be an April fool?
I will always remember the great times,
I can't even fit all my feelings in these rhymes.
You were always there to just play ball with the guys,
I can't believe we now have to say our good-byes.
Billy was one of the first friend's I made up here,
But from this day on, in my head, will be
your voice I shall hear.
Now is your time to depart,
Just remember,
There shall always be a place for you in this heart.
Pat Kerley

RIP *Billy Kayser* #27

This season is too you!! No one will understand what a friend you were and still are to me. All these years playing baseball
with you, ever since Little League you were always my competition for the spot on the field, you beat me out this year at 1B, you were the starter, and it won't be the same there. I'm going to play my ass off for you, but no one can ever fill in your spot on the team and fighting over the machines in the trainers room, since we both had an injury in the beginning of the season, and playing baseball throughout the years together, you will be missed dearly! The three times I saw you at the hospital, your wings got bigger and stronger, and there is no doubt in my mind that there is an angel wearing #27. You're the only 16 year old who is playing ball with the Babe & Mickey! ~ I wish you could come back, but something inside is telling me that you are at a place much greater than here, where there is no war, only peace, no crying, only laughter. I am thankful for all the times you made me laugh, and most of all that the last time I spoke to you, is now my greatest memory about you. I can't seem to get your smile and laugh out of my head, but something tells me that it is not a bad thing.

On April 3rd my heart did break
when God decided for you to take.
Standing there beside you waiting for you to wake,
Then realizing that our friendship will never break.
The world did weep for you that day,
But heaven is where you now lay.
As I miss you more and more,
I know that your heart and soul will soar.
This season will not be the same,
But we will play for you every single game.
You with that great smile,
Made spending that time with you all worthwhile.
Though we all are upset,
No one will never ever forget.
Billy always stay true and strong,
Because for you heaven is where you belong.
Love ya Kid! ~ Always in my heart

Your Friend and Teammate,
Rob Edsall #42

The One

by: Danny Fetchik

Once upon a time, she came to me,
Said to me "Your the one to be"
The one who will rise up high.
The one to float in the sky.
You, Pure of heart,
I just hope you never part,
Part from your dreams.
Because my son, "Your the one to be."

Let's Drop the Colors For Now

I never thought anything of it,
Until this day had come.
I thought we should feel this way about it
Until yesterday was done.

I never thought I'd see the day
That I could forget the rivalry
Pick myself up and say
We're truly sorry for your loss.

I probably yelled some things I shouldn't have
And screamed a little to much
Because now I see the way it really is
You guys really don't differ much.

Not that different from me and my friends
We really are the same
Same people on the inside
The schools just have different names.

So now we drop the colors we love to wear
Because we heard the crash
And thought it could have been one of us out there
So it was hard to return to class.

But even though it was one of you
Inside we still feel and share the pain
Because we said some things we shouldn't have
Some things while he played the game.

I write this with respect to you
And on behalf of us.
You feel the loss and we do too
Lets unite together, all of us.

Let us remember that we just have different school names. Many of use heard the accident during class. In times of tragedy, despite all the things we say, we are still the same people. We are all teenagers, we are all Americans. Nanuet High School mourns the loss of your friend and family member. Rest in Peace Billy

With Love and Respect,
The Students of Nanuet High School




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