By My Side

By my side ull be all my life
By my side ure soul will never hide
By my side ure smile shines
By my side  ull help me get by
By my side my angel lives
By my side my angle gives
By my side in Gods grips
By my side in all the winds
By my side my tears still hide
By my side memories haunt my mind
By my side the one who took my place
By my side is your smiling face
By my side is your voice of jovialness
By my side is your newborn bliss
By my side through all of life’s uncertainties
By my side For all eternity

      Brian DiUbaldo


To Our Best Friend,

Past, present and beyond.

Even though you weren't here with us too long your life is the most precious thing we could lose

While you were here the fun was never-ending.  Laugh a minute only the beginning.

Not only has it been a year since we've last seen you.  It's been a year more than we've wanted to be right there beside you, be safe up there kid...I miss you, we all do.

April 3rd is not a day that we have to look down on, it's a day we have to remember that our best friend finally got the wings he deserved.

It's amazing how much you could love someone, it's kinda scary too.  I never knew that I had all this love inside of me...I'm just happy to let the Kayser family know that I love them and most importantly, Billy, with every piece of my heart.  Will the Kayser family please come and light my good luck candle, and accept this Star that Dan and I had named after Billy.

Michelle Florio & Dan DiPaolo

Knowing Billy for a good majority of my life, whether it was playing
baseball against him in little league or playing with him in high school
he has taught me a lot about life and I am very grateful to know such an
incredible person. His smile never faded and that is something I will
never forget about him. He taught me to appreciate life. I never saw him
in a bad mood. He was always happy, joking around and of course he was
always had that infamous smile on his face.  Through this one year I
learned a lot about life. The one thing is that it is very unfair. It is
a tragic shame that something so devastating happened to one of the best
kids I will ever know, Billy Kayser. He was a great kid and I would like
to thank you and your family for making him that way. He is a mirror
image of your entire family. Even though I knew him for a short period
of time he has made a huge impact on me and how I live my life today.

Also through this one year I would like to thank you and your family for
everything you have done. Your support and strength through this
terrible time has made us all get through it a little easier. Thank you
for being there for me and the entire Pirates baseball team. Your
courage through it all, has definitely helped me deal with the loss and
for this I thank you again.
Billy will remain in my heart forever #27...

Matt Vickers

There is a friend of mine who is now gone

He said that he was wiser

He claimed he was stronger, cuter, and faster

We all just called him Kayser.


Billy I've know for many years

Fourteen to be precise

Pre-K up to eleventh grade

Our time together was so nice.


I remember back in S.M.S.

That red-light green-light game

We raced to be the first in line

If he lost he'd be in shame.


Billy always had to win

In everything he did

If odds were stacked against him, and he won

Then we all knew that he had cheated


He was into so so many sports

Baseball, golf, there were a lot

But the one that I remember most

Is stickball in the parking lot


He'd walk up in the righty stance

And take a practice swing

But after hitting it batting lefty

To right field we'd be running


Billy succeeded in making us laugh

Although he often made us shudder

But the one thing that really got us going

Was when he screamed out "Buck Futter!"


I remember just a few years back

The car that crashed into his house and almost hit him

The day after Billy came up to me

And said "Tallia, we beat the crap outta him!"


We partnered up every year in the science fair

Because we did nothing, we thought our grade would be a bomb

But the person who did the most work of all

Was definitely Billy's Mom.


In eight grade, our final St. Margaret's year

We went to see the Yankees

I was the "S", I think he was the "Y"

But for him to put on his shirt we all begged him "PLEASE!"


This one year Billy had a party

And we were bright with destructive sheen

We put all that destructiveness to use

And shoved Peckman through the bathroom screen.


During the spring of one year we went to Eamon's

And slid down that dead grassy hill

But when someone said, "Lets play Irish versus Italian"

Billy  and I always got killed.


Of these memories I've shared there should be more

This accident should have happened never

You're missed by all of your family and friends

Billy, you'll be in our hearts forever.


John Tallia

As we all know, Kayser was definitely popular with the ladies.  Who couldn't resist that smile, his sense of humor and of course his "jacked" arms.  Well Kayser let me know he had all of those things everyday.  He sat next to me in chemistry class and definitely made that class interesting.  I would walk into class everyday just to see him waiting in his seat for me.  He would always say, "there she is" as I walked in and he would pull out the chair for me, sometimes (what a gentleman).  He would tell me I was gorgeous and that he loved me on a daily basis, as well.  We would fight all the time during that class and annoy each other non stop.  One day I got so mad at him I made a line out of paper in between us at the table and told him he couldn't cross that line.  Yet of course by the end of the period I just had to take it down cause he was begging me and telling me how much he missed me.  One day I saw him writing something on a piece of paper.  About five minutes later he gave me the paper.  I looked down and it said married at age 27 and then four more ages where we would have our four kids together.  Kayser had actually planned our wedding!  The class got such a kick out of that, yet his humor never seized to amaze the class.

One night I was talking to him on AOL.  We were talking about what we were going to do that night.  Nothing was really going on so I told him I would call him if I did anything or heard of anything to do.  I got off line and one of my girl friends called me to go over until we went out.  I passed by  Kayser's house on my way to my friend's house and about 1 minute later my phone rings, and who was it,? Kayser!!  He was like,  "I thought you were going to call me if you went out".  I started to laugh and told him where I was going.  We did eventually end up meeting up that night for some food.

Kayser was always such a good friend to me and I don't think I could ever forget him.  Besides his amazing smile, his love of life could brighten up any day.  I never got the chance to thank him for everything he did for me.  He made me feel like I was someone special and always kept my head up.  Not a day goes by where I don't think of him and he will live in my heart forever.


In 10th grade Billy and I both played JV baseball.  During our final tournament Billy hurt his hamstring.  He sat out most of the game, but coach told him he was going to hit in the latter part of the game.  "Coach, I can't run, my hamstring kills!"  Billy said.  "Well then I guess you're just going to have to hit a home run Kayser," Mr. Santini said.  Laughing, we all thought that the idea was impossible, even though he had done it once before during the  season.  I got on and was on second base when the first pitch to Billy came right down the middle.  Next thing I see the ball goes shooting over the right field fence.  If my mouth wasn't wide open I might have been able to laugh, because Billy was really hurt.  By the time I got to home plate, Billy was just rounding first, holding the back of his leg.  When he finally made it to home plate everyone jumped on him, and probably hurt him even more, but that was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen happen during a baseball game, and Bill did it.

Brian DiUbaldo

In Memory of Billy

There is not a day goes by

Your are not in our prayers

For God has chosen your soul to keep

Yet, those that are here still cry and weep.


A mere child

Whose innocence was so quickly taken

Now is gone,

But not forgotten


We miss you Billy

None of us will forget

How you have changed our lives

And because you are not here, we suffer with regret.


Fly away dear Billy

And find peace in heaven

So when we look to skies

I know there is an angel with wings #27


With Love,  Aunt Barbara

Good people die young, that’s all I have to say

But why oh why did God take you away

You were a friend to everyone, especially in our school

I remember you trying to get all of us to buy boxes for your super bowl pool

People say you are happy now, in a better place

I pray every night and hope that’s the case

I never showed how much I love you

But now I see how much I really do

I wish I just would’ve showed it, showed it more to you

 Krystal Benitez

Always There

In our thoughts,
In our, prayers,
You are always there.

In the bee that buzzes,
In the butterfly that flutters,
You are always there.

In every minute,
In every hour,
You are always there.

In times of joy,
In times of sorrow,
You are always there.

Out of our sight,
In our hearts,
By our side. We get through each day knowing,
“You are always there.”

Donna Fetchik
Written in memory of my mother, Vera Poloni & Billy Kayser








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