The Pearl River Little League
Billy Kayser Memorial Tournament

Held for 9yr All Stars

c/o Key Bank. Pearl River. New York

Dedicated to supporting academic and athletic achievement in the community’s youth.

Billy Kayser and Alicia Brady both played in Pearl River Little League and then attended Pearl River High School. They did not know each other. They died at similar ages, Billy at 16, Alicia at 15, more than a decade apart. They died in similar fashion — as passengers in automobiles driven by friends. But they had other and better things in common. They both loved sports and competition. But, as much as they loved to compete — in pretty much anything — they never placed competition ahead of friendship and sportsmanship. Both Billy and Alicia made friends quickly, and if they could make friends of players on the opposing teams, so much the better. They so much deserve to be remembered, for so many reasons, but it is this aspect of their personalities that we who are involved in sports, and in Little League in particular, should seek to preserve and pass on to the players of the new generation. To celebrate the victories, but not to be crushed by the defeats, and never to place the game over the people on the field — these were qualities that Billy and Alicia practiced and continue to teach us and for which they should be remembered. This is the driving force behind these tournaments. It is no coincidence that 9 year-olds are the age group invited to these tournaments. They will have many future summer games in front of them, and if they take a little bit of Billy and Alicia with them, they will enjoy those future games all the more. We sincerely thank you for your participation in the Billy Kayser and Alicia Brady Memorial Tournaments and we wish you and your children success and enjoyment in your endeavors.

Memorial All Star Baseball Tournament

Annual All Star Softball Tournament
(Alicia's tournament runs in conjunctions with Billy's)
Alicia was killed in an auto accident when she was 15 years old

For more information on the tournaments
visit the Pearl River Little League website at
The 2018 tournament ran from July 15, 2018 through July 26, 2018

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